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This website has been created to help visualize the potential impacts sea level changes will have on the coastal areas of northwest Florida and as a resource to learn more about the projections for specific communities. The data on this website can be used to put more global changes into perspective, and see what the future might look like under various climate scenarios. Sea level rise and flood risk are both important factors that will define how significant changes are.

Beach Flag Status Through Alexa

Just Ask Alexa - Panama City Beach Flags Safety Skill

I developed two Alexa skills that provide a current status of the beach safety flags in Panama City Beach and Walton County, Florida.

To enable either skill, simply say “Alexa, enable Panama City Beach Safety Flags” or “Alexa, enable South Walton Beach Flags.” Then, any time you’d like to hear the current flag status, just say “Alexa, Panama City Beach Flags” or “Alexa, South Walton Beach Flags.”

Northwest Florida Coastal Communities

Choose a community to visualize various levels of sea level change and learn more about the projections there:

Don’t see your area of interest? Search any area on the coast here.

References and Resources

Additional references and resources to learn more about sea levels and how they impact northwest Florida can be found here.

What is Happening Now?

Curious about whether there are currently any active storms in the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic? See the graphic below from the National Hurricane Center, and click it for additional information.

National Hurricane Center Tropical Weather Outlook

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